Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

REDA Process Equipment, along with its strategic partners, provide you with:


  • The insights you need to help you troubleshoot production problems and optimise processes. With the widest range of scanning and tracer diagnostics services on the market, we help oil, gas, chemical, and ethanol industries run more efficiently, saving them millions every year.

  • Specialized equipment inspection and/or installation expertise.  Our Certified Tower Specialist (CTS) consultants can help you supervise and analyse installations from start to finish for added turnaround management.

  • Field technicians assigned to your work site who can inventory equipment, observe and inspect new and replacement equipment installations, be an onsite resource to resolve inquiries to assure equipment is installed as per your standards, and expedite installation and field troubleshooting.

  • High impact cleaning services for your specific needs. Our unique perspective comes from a combination of specialized pipe cleaning expertise, application of cutting-edge technologies, and global operational experience.  Our expertise in pre-commissioning of piping before plant start-up, and removal of extremely hard incrustations from the most complicated pipe configurations, add significant value to your operations.

Column and Tower Inspection Services

  • Preliminary Inspection of All Column Internals

  • Issuing of Preliminary Inspection Reports

  • Replacement Recommendations for Current and Future Shutdowns

  • Risk Assessment (RA) Review / Method Statement and Suggested Changes (If Needed) to Perform the Appropriate Work

  • Review of Drawings and Preparation of Installation Instructions (with Clarifications When Required)

·      Inspection of Existing Internals to Evaluate                          Mechanical Re-Use Viability

  • Review the Layout of the Packing, Trays, Distributors, Bolting Arrangements and Assembly Procedures, and Suggested Changes (If Needed)

  • Assistance During Mock-Up Assembly

  • Witnessing and Documentation of Any Related Tests

  • Final Inspection Prior to Man-Way Box-Up

  • Witnessing and Documentation of Man-Way Box-Up

  • Preparation and Signing of a Mechanical Completion Certificate for the Installation

Online Gamma Scanning

  • Scanning of Trayed Towers

  • Scanning of Packed Bed Towers

  • Scanning of Piping / Flare Systems


Subsea Technologies and Pipeline Inspection

  • Heat Exchanger Leak Studies

  • Flow Assurance Services

  • Asset Integrity Services

Cleaning Technologies

  • “Hands-Free” Cleaning Technologies

  • “Online-Cleaning” of Pipes and Vessels   

  • “Online-Cleaning” of Tower Trays

  •  ADI Tube Cleaning Technologies

  •  Reactor / Boiler Tube Cleaning Using Pneumatic Indexers   

  •  Cleaning of Fin-Fan Banks  

  •  Dual Lance Rigid Tube Cleaning System  

  •  ATF High Horsepower Cleaning

  •  ADI Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Repair and Maintenance

  • Repair of Flare Tips, Molecular Seal Drums

  • Maintenance of FFG Panels

  • Modification of Structural and Piping Works

  • Maintenance of Burners

  • Repair and Modification of Column and Tower Structural Attachments

  • Repair of Reactors and Tanks as Per ASME (U&R)

  • Nozzle Repairs

  • Overhaul and Repair of Electric Motors