Online Gamma Scanning

  • Scanning of Trayed Towers

  • Scanning of Packed Bed Towers

  • Scanning of Piping / Flare Systems 

Subsea Technologies & Pipeline Inspection

  • Heat Exchangers Leak Study

  • Flow Assurance Services

  • Asset Integrity Services

  • Pipeline Commissioning and Decommissioning subsea Salvage.

Cleaning Technologies

  • “Hands-Free” Cleaning Technologies.

  • “Online-Cleaning” of Pipes and Vessels.   

  • “Online-Cleaning” of Tower Trays.

  • ADI Tube Cleaning Technologies.

  • Reactor / Boiler Tube Cleaning using pneumatic indexer.   

  • Cleaning of fin-fan banks.  

  • Dual Lance Rigid Tube Cleaning System.   

  • ATF High Horsepower Cleaning.  

  • ADI Tank and Vessel Cleaning.  

Electric Motors & Drives.

  • Providing supervision for over-hauling & repairing of electric motors.

  • Carrying out Inspection services (electrical and mechanical analysis) to assess the actual condition of installed motors.

  • Providing solution for maintenance and upgrading the existing electric machines as an economical alternative to purchasing a new drive.

  • Providing expertise in assembly, repairing and inspect the heavy industrial machines.

  • Commissioning Services.

  • Arranging On-Site training or at manufacturers premises.

Column & Tower Inspection services


  • Preliminary inspection of all the column internals.

  • Issuing of preliminary inspection reports.

  • Material segregation.

  • Replacement recommendations for current and future shutdowns.

  • To steadfastness of process-related queries by doing communication with our Process team.

  • To review risk assessment (RA)/ method statement and suggest changes if any to carry out the job.

  • To review drawings and provide with installation instructions with clarifications whenever required.

  • Inspection of existing internals to check its mechanical re-usable circumstances.

  • To advise on the correctness of the layout of the packing, trays, distributors, bolting arrangements and assembly procedures etc.

  • Assistance during mock-up assembly.

  • To monitor the quality of the modification if any, installation work and to check installation & leveling of packing layers, distributors, diffuser packing, etc are within the specified tolerances.

  • Monitoring & reporting of the day to day work activities.

  • To resolve any unforeseen problems that might arise during installation work.

  • To witness any related tests.

  • To record major observations, if any.

  • Final inspection prior to man-way box-up.

  • Witnessing of manway box-up.

  • Prepare and sign mechanical completion certificate for installation.